Date Night and a Ten Mile Run

This weekend was another pretty low key weekend, which as I said on Friday was just what I was hoping for after a long week.

After work on Friday, I met up with my friend Alison for an early dinner at Sweetgreen, my all time favorite salad place in the DC area.  Alison is one of my best friends from college who also happens to live in the area. She actually introduced me to Sweetgreen way back in 2012, before I even moved here. I haven’t seen her in over a month, so it was great to have the opportunity to catch up over delicious salads.

I forgot to snap a picture of my salad because I was busy chatting, but I made my go-to favorite creation, a combo of raw beets, roasted sweet potatoes, spicy broccoli, grape tomatoes, roasted chicken, and parmesan crisps over a bed of romaine and spinach. A little pesto vinaigrette and a piece of crusty bread on the side completed the meal. I couldn’t finish the salad because it was huge, so I brought the rest home for the boyfriend to enjoy while we relaxed and caught up on our Netflix queue for the rest of the night.

After sleeping in until 7:45 (ha!), we started off Saturday morning with a leisurely breakfast at home. I whipped up a batch of banana vanilla protein pancakes from Peanut Butter Fingers. I added some cinnamon and powdered peanut butter to the batter which added a nice subtle peanut-y flavor.

After breakfast, I sipped on a homemade latte while I got to work on the meal plan for this coming week. I’ll be heading out of town next weekend, so the meal plan is shorter than usual.

After finishing up meal planning, it was time to lace up my running sneakers and hit the trail for my last long training run for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. To get in my ten miles, I headed to the nearby Capital Crescent Trail. I have been relying on the treadmill to get in my runs lately, so it was a nice change of scenery. Plus, the weather ended up being gorgeous yesterday afternoon, so I was happy just to enjoy some time outdoors.

Easily hit my 10,000 steps thanks to my long run!

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands before the boyfriend and I headed out for a date night. We rotate planning a surprise date for each other every month, and this month was his turn to plan. He brought us to Dama Restaurant in Arlington, VA for Ethiopian.

This was my first experience trying Ethiopian food. Although the boyfriend has eaten Ethiopian food before, he’d never been to this particular restaurant. From the outside, the restaurant looks unassuming, but the food speaks for itself.

After perusing the menu, we decided on two entrees to share. I opted for the vegetarian combo special and the boyfriend picked the awaze tibs (cubed lamb cooked with onions, peppers, Ethiopian spices, and awaze, a hot chili paste) on our waitress’ recommendation. The lamb was served in the middle of the platter and the vegetarian combo included small portions of 14 different vegetarian dishes to sample.

If you’re not familiar with Ethiopian food, you eat with your hands using injera, a spongy Ethiopian flatbread traditionally made from teff flour, to scoop up the food. This makes for a slightly messy, yet unique eating experience.

We both agreed that the pureed lentil and pea dishes, as well as the collards were definitely the standouts, but we really enjoyed tasting the flavors of all the different dishes.

There is also a bakery attached to the restaurant, but dinner left us too full to try any of the decadent looking desserts. If you are local and looking to enjoy some Ethiopian food, I highly recommend checking out Dama.

Sunday started with a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some produce for the week. I planned to buy most of our produce from Whole Foods this week, because they currently have a coupon for $5 off $20 of produce (good through 3/21) on their app.  If you don’t already use the app, I highly recommend downloading it, as they often have some great deals.

With hopes of channeling some tropical weather, I picked up a papaya on sale. Although I’ve eaten papaya many times before, this is the first time I’ve bought an entire one.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in typical Sunday fashion with a mix of meal prepping, typing up this blog post, and getting ready for the week ahead.

This post turned out to be much longer than I intended, so if you’re still reading, I’m ending this post with a peek into what we are planning to eat for dinner this week.


For some additional inspiration, take a look at last week’s meal plan.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food before?

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  1. Great read. There used to be an Ethiopian restaurant in Ridgewood we went to long ago. The food was not very memorable but you sat on low tables on the carpeted floor!

    1. I don’t think I ever went to that restaurant, but sitting at low tables on the floor sounds like a fun experience! The restaurant we went to was just standard tables and chairs, but the food was delicious!

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